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AuthorTopic: New missile animations
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Is there a change to make new missile animations?
Missile animation graphics can be found at game graphics folder. Do I just need to make new sheet for my own missile animation?

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I am pretty sure you cannot have a custom graphic for a missile animation.

If you could, you'd have to include it in your custom graphics, in the .cmg file for a Mac or in the bmp's for a PC, and you'd have to fit them into the same sort of palette as the included ones. You can try it, but I don't think it will work.

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It's all about overwriting the default ones, but you would have to remember to change them back when you are through with the scenario.

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Also, editing the game's original graphics will result in Jeff going OH MY GOD THIS IS WRONG FOR NO REASON AND I MUST NOW REFUSE TO DO A THING HURP HURP, ask TM for more details.

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I tried placing a resource with the same ID as the "boom" sheet in a .cmg file, and then tried loading the modified boom. Apparently the engine loads the custom resources first, and then the core resources, so the custom one got overwritten. Looks like you have to modify the game files if you want custom booms/missiles/effects.

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