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I've been having problems using the it_icon_adjust and cr_icon_adjust commands. When I try to tint the color of an item or creature nothing happpens. For example, the following custom item:

Begindefineitem 450;
import = 16;
it_full_name = "Salamander Cloak";
it_floor_which_sheet = 1002;
it_floor_which_icon = 5;
it_inventory_icon = 6;
it_special_class = 1;
it_ability_1 = 55;
it_ability_str_1 = 1000;
it_icon_adjust = 128;

Is still purple, not red as should be the case for an icon adjust of 128. I have successfully used other adjustments, such as darkening the graphic or tinting it neutral, but colors don't seem to work. Also, no matter how much fire resistance I give the item (this example has 5000%), the character wearing it still takes damage from fire. Is there any way to grant immunity to fire?
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Your problem is, I think, a misunderstanding of what tinting does. It adds red to the graphic, rather than making it red. (At least, that's my understanding.) In this case, you're starting with purple - red and blue in more or less equal proportions. Tinting it red should make it a slightly more reddish purple. The difference might not be noticeable.
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Basic answer is no- there is no total immunity to fire. But at 5000%, you'll only take 1 or 2 damage.
Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Thanks. Is there any way to remove blue from the graphic or do I have to edit the graphic file myself? What editor would you suggest? I tried playing around with the different adjust settings and got a bunch of greens, browns, and purples, but no red. Even taking the green cloak and swapping green and red just gives you purple.
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On mac, GraphicConverter lets you do that.
Although it is a little hard to find:
Picture menu -> Colors -> Grayscale -> 16 Grays
(although there are other options for number of grays, I believe this is the best for this situation)

Picture menu -> Colors -> Grayscale to Red Channel

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If combining 'tint to a neutral shade' and 'tint red' doesn't work, then you probably do need to edit the graphic. For Windows, EasyPeg is a reasonably good free program. (Search for it, I don't remember where to download it offhand.)
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