State of Confusion (Warning! Bad Pun Ahead)

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AuthorTopic: State of Confusion (Warning! Bad Pun Ahead)
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I'm reading the docs closely, looking for some rhetoric I missed at midnight, but I have a good deal of trouble finding any difference between states 0 and 111- that is, the Loading Scenario and Starting Scenario states. Maybe I'm an archaic bugger, but could somebody provide examples of these "transposed" into Blades so I can have an easier time relating?

EDIT: n/m on the second half of my problem, it's fixed.

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Loading the scenario - like from a saved game, probably. Starting the scenario is entering it with a party.

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It appears you'll need to initialize quests, special items, etc. in the loading state, while horses, boats, and other stuff that's saved goes in the scen start state.

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