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AuthorTopic: One at a time
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Does anyone know how to get an Item to do only work for one turn then go away.

I'm trying to make a wand which, once you use it, it turns on the set_total_visibility call. But I only want to do this once a turn so when you use it turns on the toatl visibility and then once you move it turns itself back off.
It's not seeming to work for me am I doing anything wrong.
Heres the code
beginstate 15;
print_str_color("You can now see Everywhere",2);
it looks wrong but I'm not sure what to change. Please Help! Anyone?

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You may need to refresh the screen.

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pause() should be pause(40) or something, depending on how long you want to wait.

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Put something in START_STATE of your scenarioscript?

(Start_state runs every turn. So you can have the wand set SDF, which start_state checks for the next turn and deactivates full visibility. I haven't tried, but should work. Though I think you need to be very careful of a wand of this type: in some cases, it could be ugly, indeed.)

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Yes - you'll need something that checks every turn for the wand being 'on', so it can turn it off, either that turn or the next. Alternatively, you can make a special node area the size of the town, and if stepped on, it turns visibility off.

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Originally written by Drakefyre:

Alternatively, you can make a special node area the size of the town, and if stepped on, it turns visibility off.
Don't think that would work... you have to exit the special rectangle and re-enter it before it would be activated again, since you'd almost certainly already be IN the special rect when you use the item. Very creative idea, though. :)

If you can't get it to work the way you want with the pause() and by adding a coupla force_instant_terrain_redraw()s, you're pretty well going to have to go the route of turning it off at the start of a turn if a particular SDF is set, I think.

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That particular "feature" of BoA bugs me to the extreme. I'm hoping that we can choose which kind of rectangle we want in future versions.
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