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AuthorTopic: Items and characters
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I'm back! Thanks for the direction, it worked fine! Now I would like to make some of my own characters and items, but I don't know how to get to the editor for them. Can anyone help?
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If I understand you correctly, you need a custom objects script. Read the docs. It's a tad complicated.

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whats a Custom Object Script?
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The custom data script.

It is scennamedata.txt

scenname is whatever you called your scenario file.

So if my scen is empire then the custom object script is empiredata.txt

Read the Custom Objects section of the BoA editor docs.

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Just to be perfectly clear, this means you have to make items and characters in a text editor, not in the BoA editor. Have fun.

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You can use my templates:

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I dont know where to get them.javascript:void(0) :confused:

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What 'them' do you not know where to get? Drakefyre's templates? He gave you links to them. A script file? You have to write it for yourself. A text editor? It would be decidedly odd if your computer doesn't have one. The docs? They came with the editor.
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Go to the BoA Editor folder and look at the "BoA Editor Docs V12" application. It is a giant help file.

Then look under "Creating Custom Objects."
From there you can explore creating custom creatures, items, floors, etc. It is not hard once you learn how.

Copy the templates Drakefyre posted and copy them in Notepad, Wordpad, etc. Then fill in the blanks.
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