Time for a Script DB?

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AuthorTopic: Time for a Script DB?
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I can and will set one up if the need exists. The idea, of course, is to provide a 1-stop shop for all your scripting needs.

So, what should this DB consist of? How do we divide the scripts up? Monster, town, what else?

What type of criteria should we have for a script? Commented, uncommented, etc.?

Let's discuss how this should look and work. :D

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I could set one up easy as pie. It'll be something like a categoried list of scripts, and you click to open them.

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One already exists. http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/avernum/blades/workshop/scripts.html

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Yeah, but we want one for the long-term, in case spidweb happens to drop support for BoA and takes months to add new things.

I think that you should accept three kinds of scripts - monster, terrain, and cool things.

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I can't figure out why there aren't 43 replies of drooling enthusiasm in this thread. This would be the greatest thing since, well, all the other great things you've done for Blades, Brett.

Comments: I'm basically a strategically-shaved gibbon when it comes to scripting, so I wouldn't mind a comments requirement; that said, *i's comments for his mage-killer script are more than sufficient.

Categories: I recall some pretty developed notions about new skills (tool-building was one; I'd add forgery) floating around these parts; also, scripts called by items. Such things could fall under "cool stuff," perhaps. I suppose the question would be, should the categories be defined by game-play effect or by design function (i.e. Town, Terrain, Creature, as Drakefyre suggests)? A few game-play categories might be useful only because complex effects could involve multiple design functions.

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Considering I want to at least make one decent scenario, and my scripting skills are almost ziltch, that would be awesome.
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I've set one up here. It's totally automated, so the only time between submitting it and it appearing on the site is the time it takes me to approve it.


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