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I seem to be getting an unending/unfinished (or something) error every time I enter my town, which also seems to be preventing me from talking to my character.

This is my dialog script. I bold which line it says is unending/overlong. (Line 25)

[CODE] begintalkscript;

begintalknode 1;
state = -1;
personality = 0;
nextstate = 3;
question = "The Protector";
text1 = "The man sitting in front of you is The Protector of the Peaceful Community of Indus. His cold blue eyes sweep over you with interest.";
text2= "Adjusting his blue robes of office he sets his pen aside and talks in a smooth, silky voice. The kind of voice of a person that commands authority but rarely needs to enforce it. _Welcome to Indus._";
text5 = "The Protector meets your eyes. _Yes?_";
action = INTRO;

begintalknode 2;
state = 3;
personality = 0;
nextstate = 4;
question = "It is an honor.";
text1= "He smiles warmly. _I am the Protector of our little community here. You may call me Danail, if you wish._";
text2= "He rises and shakes your hand firmly. Returning to his seat he says _It is most opportune that you choose to appear now. Just a few days more and it would be too late._ ";

I have checked and both texts are under 255 characters, and their code seems to be correct. First, is this error what is keeping me from initiating dialog, and second why does this error come up!?

Nothing is too basic to explain to me, I'm new at this.


edit// Well I fixed the problem where the npc simply wouldnt akowledge that he was supposed to talk be setting his 3rd memory cell to 1. but now it says that no dialog script is loaded!
heres my town script



beginstate INIT_STATE;
set_name(6,"The Protector");

beginstate EXIT_STATE;

beginstate START_STATE;

whats wrong?

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I've looked over the script quickly and can't find any obvious errors. I don't know if the omission of a 'variables;' line at the beginning of your script will effect anything, and can't see why it would bring up the error message you're getting.
Have you added the character's number and name in your scenerio script, and did you set the character's personality to '0' and cell 3 to '1' in the editor?
Is this the complete talk script or does talknode 2 have a 'code' attached to the end of it?
Just saw your post. Make sure you use the 'Creature' number and not the 'Creature ID' number when setting a name. You'll also have to quit the game and restart for the change to take effect. :)

2nd EDIT:
Also, be sure you've included the name of your town script in the 'Town Details' section of the editor (omit the .txt suffix).
Example: Town script name might be "t1Indus" and town dialogue script name woud then be "t1Indusdlg".

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I have put in the name 't2Indus' in the Town Script field. The files are named respectively 't2Indus.txt' and 't2Indusdlg.txt' . The error says basically you tried to initiate dialog but no dialog script was loaded.

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From the error message you suspect an error in your strings. Sometimes a wrong hidden character could cause this sort of problem.

I suggest, that you delete and rewrite manually all your strings set up.

Just put sample lines instead like:
text1 = "myText1";

Try again if it works then there's a problem with your string. Restitute some original strings until you detect which one causes the problem then try rewrite it manually (no copy/paste). That could solve the problem.

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It was a problem with the string. I guess this means you can't copy and paste parts of dialog, then?

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