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AuthorTopic: Custom booms and effects
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Can we make custom booms, sparkles, missles and effects? Or are the existing ones the only ones available? Can this be added in an update?
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Currently not possible. Or at least impossible without creating an unsupported hack.

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Not entirely! What you could do is set it up so that you have the different "phases" of the explosion as hidden monsters that you place, move and update the screen every second with. It's damned difficult and probably not worth the effort, but go ahead and try.

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Or you could make them custom terrain or objects that go through a cycle that shows the explosion as a series of still shots. You might even get it all to happen quickly enought that the transition is fluid (although I kind of doubt it, but you might).

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Yeah - make an animation sequence of a desired explosion, paste it into your resource file as a terrain and place the sequence using a set_terrain call.
Be sure to use the call te_animation_steps = x ('x' being the number of animation frames) in your scenario data file for the terrain you created, in order for the entire sequence to be shown. :)

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