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AuthorTopic: Better for map making...
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Is it a good idea to create a map with BoE and import it? Or should I just use the BoA editor for map creation? If I remember correctly, it was a lot easier to make towns and outdoors areas with BoE...

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Once you get used to BoA, it's not hard. I had to remake by hand three towns from Avernum before I got a handle on how it works, but I say if you're going to be making it *for* BoA, make it *in* BoA.

Besides, BoA gives you more choices. You can make different heights, for example.

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Ok... is there a way to display more of the tiles then? I don't mean zooming all the way out to see everything, I'd just like a little bit greater field of vision...

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I agree the limited size of the window or the too large scale of the overview are boring. I know myself when I do stuff that I should take care of screenplay size but otherwise limits are boring.
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It might be possible to modify and recompile the editor source to give a larger view.

Then again, it might not. Take your pick. :D

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Personally, I wish that there was an "Auto-wall" feature that would make walls at the outside edges of all "solid stone" terrains. That would have saved me a heck of a lot of time when I was making my map. I kind of doubt it will be put in though, as it would probably require more than just a bit of work.

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If I'm understanding you correctly - there is an autowall feature! 'Place Bounding Walls" does what you're talking about. It doesn't put walls on the outside of the solid stone (black space), however. They are contained 'within' the solid stone spaces.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting your response, but it sounds like this is what you're looking for. :)

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