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AuthorTopic: Question About Custom Items
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I'm probably overlooking something terribly obvious here, but I'm going to ask anyway.

How do custom items created for one scenario carry over into another scenario? For instance, I got Morog's Scepter in the Za-Khazi Run (whose properties are defined in the Run's scenario script), yet can bring it into other scenarios where its properties are not defined in the scenario script.

How does this work? How are the various custom items' unique numbers reconciled? Morog's Scepter is item 455 in the Run, yet item 455 in Diplomacy is the Master Pike.
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Items are kept between scenarios unless:
1. They use custom graphics or
2. They call a state in the scenario script.

A state in the scenario script is not the same as an item description in the scenario data script. A state is only involved if it has the "unusual ability" description in the game.

I think there is a range of item numbers that get used for items that the party has between scenarios.

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Okay. Thanks for sharing that. I think I understand it now.

That explains why that delicoius apple pie from "A Small Rebellion" disppeared when I went into "The Za-Khazi Run" — custom graphic.

I'm still curious about what the limit is for trans-scenario items. How many can you carry around from scenario to scenario before the game starts bumping them off? And what numbers are they assigned? (Presumably above # 499.)
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Presuming that the item ID is a two-byte field, the number should be effectively unlimited. (You can't carry enough items to exceed the limit.)
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Ah. Good.

That's an excellent point. I wish I'd thought of that!
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