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Originally written by Niemand:

Thralni, the preview function deliberately shows the adjustment for the entire sheet, this is for previewing things like creatures, for which it would use way to much memory to generate all of the adjusts but it's often important to see the effect on all of the icons at once. Besides; it's pretty pointless to just copy a simply adjusted graphic into your cmg permanently when the game can do the adjust for you.

Believe me, I'm working on sounds. The trouble is that the ancient style sounds Jeff uses are very hard to work with; indeed I haven't been able to find a way to load or save them in a modern program.

True, true. Thanks for reminding me that BoA can do it for me. I had already forgotten about that...

I'm glad to hear you are working on the sounds. The way I got them working in BoA is by using three programs to do a very specific task in a chain of several steps. You might find it worthwhile to contact the maker of the program "SndSampler", since that program's all about making snd formatted sounds and putting them in resource files.

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Originally written by Dintiradan in "The Future of Blades of Avernum":

[QB]On the difficulty of BoA's scripting: would it be of any use if I made some type of script preprocessor? For instance, you give a SDF a name at the top of a script, and the program would replace all instances of that name with a get_flag or set_flag call depending on the situation. That would be the extend of how far we could alter the scripting without changing the code.
This would be a very nice feature to have in the AScript editor. If you made use of regular expressions, it would probably be fairly simple. The only other thing to consider would be reversing the process – translating SDF references back into names.

Is this at all feasible? If I had time sometime, I would consider investigating the possibility myself.

Speaking of AScript, when will it be out of the Beta stage?
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