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I am having trouble putting in a call that was listed in the Appendix, I have tried to place it in my scenario, but it isn't working.

short get_attitude(short which_char) - Returns the attitude of the character.
3 - friendly to party
4 - neutral
10 - hostile A
11 - hostile B
Oh, and is this the right call to change the attitude of a creature?

I'm sure this is a dumb question but I can't figure it out, and I don't recall any scenarios that use it.

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No, it isn't. set_attitude(char,value); is the appropriate call. The call you have will tell you what attitude the character in question is. (Note the description of this call: "Returns the attitude of the character." If it says "return," then there's a good chance that you use this call to get information, rather than to actually do something. Just think about the names of the two calls: set_attitude, get_attitude. It should be obvious which call is used for what, and this carries over to many other calls as well.)

I'll also add that if you actually pasted that entire block of code into your scenario, it will not work. The actual call is 'get_attitude(char)' (with char replaced by the number of the character whose attitude you want.) The rest of that stuff is information on what the call does, you don't actually put it in the scenario.


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