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The instructions are kind of wonky, and I can't seem to find a section about special items.
So how can I make them?

(Search engine is kind of wonky too)

Edit -and the appendix makes little sense sometimes. I can't find a call that gives a special item when you step on a certain spot.

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The docs don't cover that sort of topic, for whatever reason, it's the appedicies you want. in particular, look in the section "Item, Special Item, and Gold" calls, which basically tells about all the things you can do with items, special items, and gold. Also, take a look in "Scenario Initialization calls", which isn't quite as clearly named. The calls you want are init_special_item and change_spec_item. The first needs to be used in your scenario script's START_SCEN_STATE so that it get's called when the scenario begins. It will assign a name and description of your choosing to one of the game's special item types. Then, you can use change_spec_item to change how many of that special item the party has. If you want something to happen when the party steps on a particular spot, you need either a terrain script on that space, or, better for this purpose, a special rectangle which calls a state in the town or outdoor section's script. (Hope I'm not repeating things you already know, but see how far this gets you.)

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Westra's Avernum Cookbook has a section on this, along with a info on a lot of other things the docs skip over. I'd suggest you check it out-- Kelandon is hosting it at his site if you're interested.


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