Move Mountains in the Filth Factory

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AuthorTopic: Move Mountains in the Filth Factory
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At two points in the Filth Factory, some reasonably good loot is blocked by Mossy Boulders, which can only be removed by Move Mountains Level 3.

Such a thing doesn't make sense, since you can only get Lvl 3 Move Mountains muuucch later in the game. And it's not as if you can revisit the Filth Factory after clearing it...

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It's just a little bonus if you finish filth factory later on in the game. It isn't meant to be sensible.

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I went and got the lvl 3 version of move mountains once for the sake of completeness. The missing supply chests don't have anything that good.
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I prefer the complete experience myself, but rather than go all the way to Gale with a pile of money I couldn't afford to spend that early in the game (and have to save-and-load the whole way because of the high-level monsters) to get the spell from a book that I probably didn't have enough Lore to read, I simply found the third stone circle. The first two are north of Kriszan and on the Isle of Bigail (north of Kuper), so I still had to go on a field trip (I picked the one north of Storm Port, waaay on the east side of Valorim, though there's one north of Lorelei if you don't want to walk so far and don't mind fighting harder monsters), but I had a fairly easy time of it and got the dexterity increase as well.

If you don't want to fight the Haakai at the end (I always did--complete experience, remember), you can stop after the Move Mountains circle and still avoid the encounter--just remember not to walk into any other circles once you find them, as the fourth and fifth don't let you refuse their 'gifts'.

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I'm one of those people. I use the character editor and max out all my stats and spells. All you do is go to the character editor and click three time on the Move Mountains Spell to raise it to it's highest.

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