Gridley Dead in Avernum 2

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AuthorTopic: Gridley Dead in Avernum 2
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Towards the beginning of the game, when Fort Ganrick is attacked, Gridley died during the fight. Is there anyway to bring him back so that his quest can be completed?

I unfortunately dont have a saved game before his death.
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You can always use the "Reset hostile towns"-function in the character editor to revive any killed residents.
If you don't want to that for some reason, well, he isn't really an important character, so who cares.

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IF your really that early start over. This time you should use the passage the Nephil us to get inside the fort so your standing right nect to them when they appear.

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You can't be right next to the nephilim either way, since the attack doesn't trigger until you're heading towards the main exit of the fort.

Resetting hostile towns will revive everyone in Fort Ganrick, but it also has the side effect of resurrecting everyone in the dungeons too, so be prepared for that if you choose to use it.


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