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AuthorTopic: mutiple targets?
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my A1 priest is not able to target mutiple targets with smite and repel spirit. Both spells are at lvl 3. I also have a hedge wizard that can select mutiple targets for both of those spells. Can anyone give me some insight into this problem
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Looks like the number of targets a level 2 or 3 repel spirit or smite spell can hit is 1 + B/4, where B is your priest spells skill plus half of your intelligence. Does your hedge wizard have higher priest skills or intelligence (possibly through items)?

The only other possibility Dikiyoba can think of at the moment is that your priest only has those spells at level 1 for some reason.

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nope the priest has both a higher int and priest skills. i am able to chose mutiple targets with a spell like divine fire, just not smite and repeal spirit
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Some older versions of A1 had a bug where the multi-targeting didn't work with Smite. I suggest going to Spiderweb's site and download a patch. It should work properly after the patch is installed.

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