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AuthorTopic: A3 Colchis anvil
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What does it take to move the Colchis anvil in Avernum 3? I know the hidden item isn't important, but not being able to get at it is really annoying. I've saved up skill points for two levels now and I still don't have enough STR.

Does it require one PC have some amount of STR? The whole party have a total of some amount? Each member of the party have at least some minimum value? Or is my copy of the game buggy?

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I think it's the combined strength of the party, since that's how most of these are done. Just come back later in the game since you can get by without it now. By then you can sell it or find someone that can still use it.
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Yep, to move the anvil your party must have a combined STR of twenty or more. Thank you!
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I don't bother with Colchis anymore, except when I'm looking for the items hidden there for something to sell.

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