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AuthorTopic: A3 Purify Altar
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Hi, found second altar which needs purifying. How do you do this please
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You need the Ritual of Sanctification. Do get this, you need to travel north of Softport (over the bridge). There is an ogre-infested mountain range, and at the northern end of the range is a hermit who knows the ritual. To use the ritual of sanctification, press the ability (of a character who has priest spells) button.

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Hi, used sanctification on first altar and its not there for the second one, can you only use it once a day or something
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Yes, it's a once per day ability. But if you have multiple characters who know it, a different one should be able to sanctify it. (Dikiyoba assumes it works the same way in A3 as it does in A2.)
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If you are where I think you are, don't try and sanctify that second altar yet but go away, have a rest and get some more experience. The second altar has a particularly nasty monster guarding it...

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He's not that nasty. I killed it on torment with a single character. Although you should buff up before using the ritual. Don't miss the loot in the room behind the altar.
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