A3 Trog Castle

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AuthorTopic: A3 Trog Castle
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Hi, how do I get into the trog castle. In the walk through it says to fake it but in the game if I try that they wont let me in. Does anyone know another way.
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The walkthrough, wherever you got it from, is wrong. You can't fake your way into the Troglo Castle.

You need to get permission from the mayor of Sharimik to take a scroll to the castle. In order to get this permission, you must first 1) give the jobs dispatcher a bribe, and 2) destroy an evil altar in a troglo temple west of Sharimik.

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I believe that if you talk to the right people in Sharamik (the mayor and staff in particular), you will eventually be asked to run a sort of courier quest. The Troglos will be kind enough to take you captive after that.

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You need Ritual of Sanctification to destroy the evil altar. North of Softport, in the northern end of a mountain range is a hut occupied by a hermit who happens to know the ritual.

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If you have high enough reputation, then you can intimidate instead of paying the bribe.
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