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AuthorTopic: Empire Archives A2
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Sorry forgot to say A2. Also as I have nearly finished A2 and tips about A3? Thanks
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Other than that, I remember it being in the Waterfall Warrens, somewhere in Northeastern Avernum.

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Originally written by Nioca:

Other than that, I remember it being in the Waterfall Warrens, somewhere in Northeastern Avernum.
Erm... wrong. It's around the eastern end of the Northern Islands, north of Harston and such.

As for A3... well, most of the same strategies you use in A2 will work. Just get out there and look for the plagues' sources.

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In Exile 2, the Empire Archives were at the most NE of the Northern Islands, N of Pyrog's Cave and the Empire Docks, all of them NE of Harston.
And, though the dungeon will be somewhat different, you can still have a look to the Exile 2 Empire Archives walkthrough and the Exile maps
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Mab is right. The Empire Archives are at much the same place in A2 as in Exile 2.

Although I have only got to the end of the Dark Waters in my walkthrough, it just happens that I have already written the introduction to the Empire Archives.

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