Let's Play Avernum!

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AuthorTopic: Let's Play Avernum!
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If anyone happens to be interested, we've got a fun thread going on the subject of Avernum and its copious joys here . It's growing in popularity, unsurprisingly.
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If that was you who created that thread, then I'd like to say way to spread the good word. However, I'll personally be playing my Avernum on my computer, less math that way. :D

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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It wasn't me, though I get to be a cleric in it. :o
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Whoah. That's an impressive response... great publicity stunt if it was somebody on these boards.

(Entertains the thought of Jeff plugging his games like that.)

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? Man, ? Amazing
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Neat stuff.

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I doubt it's a stunt. The Let's Play threads are a way of sharing our favorite games with other people, and we've got a lot of Spiderweb fans. :)
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Hey, cool. I sometimes lurk those threads. Kind of weird to be silmultaneously referred to as "The yokels on the official forums [getting very excited] over G4 like they do for every new release" and "The picky as [something very picky] people on the Spiderweb boards", though. :P

And if you did a Let's Play Blades of Exile thread, I would love you forever. :P

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Very good indeed, the photos are hard to make, i think they had to make tremendous amounts of time to take those shoots FIVE STARS UP TO THEM !!!! HURRAY !!!!!

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