AV2 - Swords question.

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AuthorTopic: AV2 - Swords question.
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I was just wondering... I noticed that the fine waveblade (in AV2) has a damage rating of 2-24 +2 whereas the Steel Greatsword is 2-26 +1 so here is my confusion:

Going by just the stats it seems better to use the fine waveblade as opposed to the steel greatsword since the damage rating is right about on par with each other, yet you can still use a shield with it. So why is the steel greatsword worth SO much more than a fine waveblade? Which is, truly, the better (stronger) weapon to use? I'm stumped... is it just a huge price discrepency or is the steel greatsword somehow better overall and, thus, worth more and the better weapon to wield for more damage output?

Please advise!
Thanks in advance.

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Value and damage are only generally related. The base weapon greatsword vs waveblade gives the major price difference. Then fine vs regular increases the value more. There are several powerful weapons that that are worth less money than less damaging ones. Get used to it and sell the ones that you don't plan to use.
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Well, it depends on the amount of extra damage you get per level as well... I can't remember those off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure that a few levels of melee/strength will make the greatsword stronger than the waveblade. (Remember: the stick is the strongest weapon in A4)

That said, there are plenty of good shields in A2... so the waveblade has its perks. And it's just cooler.

EDIT: Drat, beaten to it. Um... halberds rule?

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Because of the damage formulas, the greatsword will do more damage when you are at higher levels and have more points put into melee skills. On the other hand, the difference is so small that the shield is likely to be more significant.

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If you want to get an idea of the relative value of weapons see the Avernum 4 forum. In the header there is a link to Slarty's item table. The items are not all in the earlier games but you can see how bronze, iron, steel, fine, and blessed items compare within the same type and with different damages.
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The damage system is different for Avernum 2 - a greatsword won't really do much more damage than a waveblade, but in A3/BoA/A4 it will.

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