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AV2 - Swords question. in The Avernum Trilogy
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I was just wondering... I noticed that the fine waveblade (in AV2) has a damage rating of 2-24 +2 whereas the Steel Greatsword is 2-26 +1 so here is my confusion:

Going by just the stats it seems better to use the fine waveblade as opposed to the steel greatsword since the damage rating is right about on par with each other, yet you can still use a shield with it. So why is the steel greatsword worth SO much more than a fine waveblade? Which is, truly, the better (stronger) weapon to use? I'm stumped... is it just a huge price discrepency or is the steel greatsword somehow better overall and, thus, worth more and the better weapon to wield for more damage output?

Please advise!
Thanks in advance.

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