Khoth won't let me in! AV1

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AuthorTopic: Khoth won't let me in! AV1
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I'm off to see Khoth, but I can't seem to enter the secret passage.
I talked to the spirits outside his cave, then did away with the statues. According to Far Sight, there is a secret passage in the NE corner of the room with the statues. However, even banging my head against the wall won't let me enter it.
Am I missing something? I have been at Erika's place. I killed the dragon in the giant lands. Is Khoth teed off about that?
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You're in the right spot, but I think you're banging your head in the wrong wall section. Check along the entire wall since I can't remember which one you want. It is in the east part of his lair.
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It is in the NE corner. If you are really stuck see Lair of Khoth in my walkthrough.

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