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AuthorTopic: Closing doors
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Am trying A2. Can open and unlock doors but can't close them. What is the trick? Thanks
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Dikiyoba thinks that looking at the doors will do the trick.
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Move next to the door and click on it should work.
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Why would you want to close doors - surely you're not planning to [sharp intake of breath] steal stuff from the poor folks of Avernum? ;) If there's a legitimate reason do tell.

To amplify previous responses, you need to stand near the door, click on the "look" button and then click on the door itself. Or, if you are using Windows, you can just right click on it.

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In later games, it's useful for blocking off monsters who then can't get through the door. In A2, I think they can still open doors, though.

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Yes, I remember monsters in A2 opening doors. But they don't always open doors, so sometimes closing the door is an effective strategy. If nothing else, it can be used to buy time.

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Closing the doors doesn't just slow them down; it also gives you warning. When you hear a door opening sound and you know that you didn't just open a door it's harder for the monsters to take you by surprise. I found this very useful in towns that spawn more wandering monsters.

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