Nephil the Frail?

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AuthorTopic: Nephil the Frail?
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Well I was wondering if Nephils were "Frailer" Then Humans or Sliths. Because every time My nephil got killed he would turn to dust even by swords. Is this true?

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It would make sense from the character description.

However, I have not noticed it making any difference in taking damage and such. Would be interesting to compare this to humans and sliths and how they die or dust.

I do find it odd that it does not take much to turn a character to dust. I think when I get killed, rarely do I just die.

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It depends on how hard the character gets hit. A small amount of damage causes death, a large amount of damage causes dust. Maybe your nephil doesn't have as good of armor or as high of statistics as your humans and sliths to reduce the amount of damage taken.

As far as NPCs go, sliths are way more powerful than nephil, though in A2 there was a fort of powerful nephar. Humans are all over the place, from weak bandits to powerful elite soldiers.

Dikiyoba's nephil gets killed or turned to dust a lot more often than the other characters but only because Dikiyoba's nephil is at the front of the party and so the enemies attack it more often.
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