A1: Priest Spells

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AuthorTopic: A1: Priest Spells
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I really need help, where I can find:
Divine Warrior LV 1,2,3
Sanctuary LV 1,2,3
(I need it to slay Grah-Hoth :S)

Thanks for any help

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Check Dharmon for level 1 & 2 spells. Otherwise, go find Boutell's anvil and speak with the priest at the tower of the magi.

Divine warrior 3 is a reward for slaying Grah-Hoth, so you won't be getting that spell till later. I can't recall at the moment where sanctuary 3 is.

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Use charecter editer :P (go to see statics-Spells Click on the spell untill three (3)
coin thingies appear

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nah it's lame i have strategy (tested with editor) how to slay Grah-Hoth with 1lv divine warrior. Attack Grah-Hoth first is bull****... mungs are more important +icy armor on my soldier (to taking dmg from Grah) and repel spirit from distance on Grah-Hoth (repel and arcane blow on other demons and war skeletons to slay them too). I think it's the best strategy.
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Repell Spirit Level 3 should work against Grah-Hoth, presuming you can get it before you fight Grah-Hoth. I can't remember where you can find it.

EDIT: I just had my fighter hack at him with the Demonslayer while my priest healed him.

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