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Does joining them make it so you can't use magic? Advice is appreciated.

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If you join the Anama you lose the ability to cast mage spells, and trying to get mage spells again later gets you kicked out of the Anama. If you leave a mage behind in Fort Emergence, however, you can retrieve the character later and "cheat" the Anama.

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Yes it does, but there's a loop hole. Put your magicians into character storage than join the Anama. When done pick up your magicians and they'll still be able to use magic. However the no one in your group will be able to learn magic.

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That's a very intriguing suggestion you have there, goldenking. I'll have to give that a try next time I play A3. I've always loved the doodads and trinkets you get from the Anama, but since I balk at their anti-mage stance, I've always had to procure said trinkets using, shall we say, less than honorable methods.
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Dishonouring the Anama brings an overal sense of honour towards avernumkind ;)

Stealing from bad people is ok, right?

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Well, you could become a bad person yourself, and not care about what's right or wrong.

Anyway, I don't really recommend joining the Anama, you'll either end up with restrictions, or kill half an island's population... maybe more. All for what? Two priest levels and a few spells?
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