stupid empire army!!

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AuthorTopic: stupid empire army!!
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I was wondering, can you ever get into that army camp in A3?

if you can, how many fights do you have to do before you get it?
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Not sure which one you're talking about, but if it's the one by Blackcrag Fortress, no. You get insta-killed, if I recall correctly.

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nope.... there is a vally that you use the orb to get to just below the main entrance, i can beat the first batch and then another batch comes through. The fights are really long so i thourght that i would ask......
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Ah, the Third Empire Army? Nope, you can't ever get past them all. They're an army. :P

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The strange thing is the secret passage, through the mountains, to the East of the camp. The passage gets you to within 2 spaces of the camp-valley.

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maybe the whole thing is just for getting gold and xp. or maybe, jeff simply wanted to get on our nerves, as he so often uses to.

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^ I thought as much :( ........ ooh well
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You should totally at least be able to get in and hack away at our surface foes, stealing stuff and assassinating major leaders.
They're only there to wipe out the monsters, which you are doing anyway!

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Is it not strange that 4- adventurers (kids if you will), can completely PWN well trained empire soldiers?

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Well, their magic can totally pwn, for one thing.

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