Priests braclet and random items. Av 2.

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AuthorTopic: Priests braclet and random items. Av 2.
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Is there a reliable place to get a Priests braclet. Like getting the Mage's braclet from the soldiers wandering around the castle for example. EDIT: (After getting the grey pass!)
Also, do the random item sellers' stock ever change, and if so how often.
Sometimes their stock is good and sometimes it's lousy. I got two blessed cloaks at the beginning from the wandering merchants around Formello. I tested how many blessed studded armor's Waldby had and he had about 6. In a previous game, Brantford(?) in Magi tower had two Mage's braclets at 900c apiece. How is this stuff worked out?

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Are you talking about Avernum 1 or 2? About the random item sellers, the stock changes. Although i don't know how long it takes to happen.

I just noticed the topic name: You are talking here about Avernum 2. Sorry, but that doesn't give me ideas about the priests bracelet. I only played the demo, so I don't think I can help you further.

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Go to Almaria and give Abby a blue pass and then a gray pass to get a Priest's Bracelet.

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