Level 3 Spells A1

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AuthorTopic: Level 3 Spells A1
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Been awhile since I've played Avernum 1 so I can't quite place a few of the last important level 3 spells. Namely the locations of the following ...

Bind Foe (not to important)
Haste (very important)
Lightning Spray
Arcane Summon
Arcane Shield
Arcane Blow

Safe Travel (another important one)
Unshackle Mind
Divine Fire
Return Life
Divine Warrior
Divine Restoration
Divine Host

The last 3 Divines and Arcanes I have a vague idea that you need to complete some of the major quests to gain them. The others I'm unsure of, any help would be appreciated.


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Bind foe is in the foul cavern, haste is in the tower of the magi, lightning spray in the gremlin cave. Firebalst in the aranea cave, safe travel in the crypt of drath, unshackle mind in formello, divine fire in the bat cave (you will probably not have the required rune reading (or the spell at level 1) when you first explore there, its hidden somewhere near the altar past all the lava). Return life is in the slith temple, and the divine/arcane spells are indeed rewarded for the 3 major quest, reward at either the castle or erika's tower.

Does anyone know what happened to the annotated maps site or when the guy who made it was last heard from?

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