Difficulty obtaining special skills.

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AuthorTopic: Difficulty obtaining special skills.
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The hintbook tells me that Pathfinder is to found in Fort Dranlon, and that Anatomy is to be found in the Magi Tower, (On completeing a quest). I can't find anybody to teach them. I have completed all quests in Dranlon, I have completed all quests in the Magi Tower. I have not killed the Haakai lord. My reputation is high, 32. Please point me in the right direction.
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You can't get Pathfinder in Fort Dranlon. The hint book lies. Anatomy is definitely in the ToM. You get it for completing a minor and easily overlooked quest, I believe. Killing ogres or retrieving something from them, perhaps?

—Alorael, who ever so vaguely recalls the relevant mage for the quest being somewhere on the western side of the tower. Barge into libraries, lecture halls, closets, and bathrooms.
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You don't say which game in the trilogy you refer to, I assume you're talking about A1.

In the Tower of Magi, 'X' will teach anatomy skill, but only after you kill the adze-haakai.

[EDIT: it costs 3000 gold per level, gold in the game is capped at 9000 so it takes ages to train everybody up five times.]

I don't know how to get pathfinder skill in A1 (apart from a mind crystal in Bargha), but if you have safe travel spell and high resistances then you can get by.

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That is about the only thing I ended up using the character editor on. I just couldn't be botherd returning constantly and then getting more money and having to go back so many times.
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