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AuthorTopic: Rentar-Irhno
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Is it at all possible to kill her without a god party?

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Why is Drypeak controlled by Zakary?
Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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Yes. I did it with Forcecage, Cloud of Blades, and an obscene number of Energy Potions, but there are surely more efficient ways.

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Quite simple imo.

Doable? yes.
Worth it for any reason whatsoever? no.

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Does anything even happen if you do?
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No. It's not supposed to happen, so Jeff didn't bother to program anything in. Rentar-Ihrno even shows up again in the epilogue as if she were not painstakingly annihilated a few seconds earlier.

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I killed her anyway, just for the satisfaction from killing the ***** she is. ;x
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