A1 - I made a fatal mistake :-(

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AuthorTopic: A1 - I made a fatal mistake :-(
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unfortunately I have now a very big problem in Avernum 1. For the last days of intensive playing I used the same save game slot. (Yes, I know that was stupid.) And a few minutes ago I went into the cave of the friendly dragon (Motrax?). I don't know what came over me, but I tried to get to the dragon's treasures. An alarm went off and I saved over my save game instead of loading it. And now I can't get out of the cave alive. Those guards are nearly impossible to defeat for my party and the dragon is also very tough.

What can I do? Am I doomed to restart from a very old savegame, because I wanted to steal from a dragon? Or are there perhaps some cheat codes which make the "town" friendly again or can even make my party invulnerable? I am very grateful for any good advice.
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This is where we call in SpidWeb's best friend, the Editor.

Go to the main screen and click on the Editor button. Once it's open, click Leave Town. Or whatever it is. I'm a little rusty on A1 knowlege.

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I believe Motrax, the guards, and everyone else in the town will still be angry, however. Using the option to make hostile towns forgive you in the editor might fix that, but then every monster you've ever killed also comes back.

—Alorael, who would recomment just never returning to Motrax' lair unless you absolutely have to. Have you raided the trash piles to the west of Motrax yet?
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they will forgive you after a while (a very long while), in case you dont want to use the editor for some reason and somehow make it out of town.

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Will they? I thought it was only in A3 that they eventually forgave you.

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come to think of it, that might be. im not sure.

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