That blasted battle sound.

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AuthorTopic: That blasted battle sound.
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Im not sure if this is gonna get answered any time soon, but I had a peeve\wonder.

I love avernum. It's awesome. It's great.
The combat opening sound is not.

No offense to the devs at all, its just not my thing at all. So i was wondering if it would be possible to disable\remove it at all through a hex editor or something.
Indeces for the entry would be hot.

Watashiwa Baka
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Heh! Speaking of annoying sounds, I'm not too fond of the coughing noise that some of the characters emit when close to death!
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Discussion of hex editing is unfortunately forbidden on these boards. Sorry!

—Alorael, who doesn't quite know what would maket the combat intro sound so offensive that it requires immediate excision. It's not that repetitive and irritating, is it?
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Download Exile, II, or III. Just to hear the battle entry sound.

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Well i do find it irritating... moreso due to sheer volume than anything else.
I tend to have music playing while i play, yet the battle intro and the game intro sounds really tend to drown it completly out, something i notice most other sfx do not.

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Watashiwa Baka
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If you click while the game starts up you can skip the intro music. Not sure if it works for A1/2, but definitely for A3...
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Thanks Jelly - that's a useful tip! My flatmate recently bought a bassoon; spiderweb's jingles really clash with Weber or whatever it is he's currently playing.

Quickly experimenting, it seems you can supress the startup music in A3, BOA and GF2 this way. Alas I tried and it didn't work for A1, A2 and GF1. Someone who has a mac will have to enlighten us for GF3...

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I like all the quirky sounds, the battle sound (especially Avernum 1's OH nO CAVE LIZARDS) and the cough and the door opening noise, my favorite one is the biting one (the one that sounds like someone is eating chips).

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