Castle Troglo, and storming it

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AuthorTopic: Castle Troglo, and storming it
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Hey, on a whim, I chose to attack the Troglo king instead of talk to him. I killed him, his guards, and then proceeded to slaughter every Trog in the castle. However, those darn Magic Barriers at the gate block my passage, and I don't have the Dispel Barriers spell. I also have not explored underneath Castle Troglo, because I am out of mana and potions, and will probably be unable to succeed. Is there a way out of here, or am I going to have to revert to the savegame I have of before killing the Trog king?
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You needed to talk to him.

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Well, you only NEED to if you want to solve the troglo/giant plague. You can solve the golem plague instead and still win the game.

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That still doesn't let you get out of Castle Troglo, though. You can use the editor, but there's a chance it will cause weirdness, and you probably want to stop the troglos anyway.

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I take it the secret passage out at the southeast corner is not accessible if you kill him before talking??? Otherwise just jump off the ledge and you're home free. There is a quest to kill the troglo king so it should have been taken into consideration.
Anyway, solving the troglo/giant plague depends more on finding the barrier map at the giants lair then anything to do with the troglos. The only special thing to be found at the troglo castle is the ghoulbane spear. Of course theres a lot of poor chainmail lying around that took me 3 days in avernum to pick them all up and sell.
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I will revert, then. It was fun to slaughter the whole castle, though, and quite challenging. Especially on Torment.
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If you talk to the Troglo King, he tells you about a secret exit from the castle. Then you could kill him. He did threaten to eat all humans, after all.

According to the hint book, you can bypass the Troglos altogether and get the tunnel map from the Giant caves. The problem with doing the Troglo/Giant plague elimination that way is that you don't learn dispel barrier from the Sharimik Mayor's library...

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That is a pretty big drawback. Then you'd need to have many piercing crystals, and they are expensive.

Castle Troglo has many, many scripted parts to it and is complicated. Doing things out of order, or slaughtering important characters, can be very dangerous. I remember that I couldn't finish the Troglo/Giant quest because I decided I didn't agree with the Troglo King's reasoning.

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This is a game, you can't really impress your feelings to the troglo king, just do what is needed to be done.
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