Your soul crystal slots

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AuthorTopic: Your soul crystal slots
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So what creatures do you capture in your slot.
Personally these are my choices.

Dark Wurm

And the final slot goes either to Null bug for their antimagic field or to Hill Giant Chiefs for their invulnerbility potion.
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i think i have a basilisk, a dark wyrm, an empire archer, and a goblin (for the sake of humor). :-)

but i almost never use summoms anyway.

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I only had 3 and when I tried I 4th it just didn't appear. Also, is it possible to chenge them sometime after you stored them? let's say I just added an infiltrator and then didn't want him anymore, can I "erase it"? how?

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The slot filled is chosen randomly each time you cast Capture Soul. There's no need to erase something if you want something else, because it can be overwritten. The downside, of course, is that you can easily overwrite the creatures you want and not the ones you don't want (or empty slots).

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right now in my A2 party i have
(empty slot)
Empirte Deverish
Evil High Preist

ive no BoA or A3 party right now.

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well, I too have a dervish, but I do prefer a witch.

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Yeah, this topic again.

Are there any scenarios in BoA that have the Soul Crystal in them?

As to what I have in mine...
Cave Cow
(empty)( or maybe I have a cat)

Got to love the farm animals, killing golems with cows became quite amusing for a very short period of time.

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Capture Soul and Simulacrum were modified for BoA, sadly. They don't work at all the same way. Capture Soul became Capture Mind, which charms an opponent, and Simulacrum just creates a duplicate of its target.

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I suppose that it would be possible to do a special spell for them, though it would likely either be limited to a few monsters or take a large amount of code.

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I have some low level creature in mine, just to test it out. I don't really like to summon any help. I think I read somewhere that whatever the summoned creature kills - the party forfeits those XP. I might be wrong though.

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My choices would probably be a haakai and a vampire, because they summon more creatures, thereby magnify your original summoning. There's a haakai in the temple in the GIFTS lair who appears after you sanctify the altar. You get a really good spear after you kill him.

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