Wand of Absorbtion

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AuthorTopic: Wand of Absorbtion
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Does anyone know what this actually does?
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I believe it absorbs experience points from the party and gives them to the user. Not really worth it, in my opinion.

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Talking of wands... what does the carrunos one exactly do? is it negative right? :confused:

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In Exile the wand of Carrunos gives the target health.

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I don't know about Avernum, but if you play through Exile 1 and 2 you find out what the Wand of Carrunos does. "Used during the hunt to make the prey stronger" or something along those lines. I thought it would make them stronger and increase the exp gain from them proportionally, but what Xan said sounds a lot easier to code. In Exile 2 the info is in the Castle on a bookshelf. In Exile 1 you buy the information from a shopkeeper, don't remember who though. I think it's the one in Blosk.

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