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AuthorTopic: Spell Tell
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Among the numerous spells in A1, A2 & A3, which 1 do you like the most, & why do you like it :confused: The question is simple, answer carefully. :eek:

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Since this is the most spam-free of your recent spate of posts on this board, I think I'll actually endorse this topic by giving an opinion.

I like Divine Warrior in A1 and A2 in general, and Arcane Shield in all three. Haste at level 3 is awesome. For blessing/shielding, I guess I'd have to go with Divine Warrior, although this one is actually close.

For direct damage, Fireblast is my favorite. Arcane Blow just isn't enough, and Ice Lances and Lightning Spray are only good for lower levels or creatures with immunities.

For summoning (which I basically never do), Summon Aid is my favorite, because Arcane Summon costs too much. But I only use summoning when I don't take a fight seriously anyway.

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My favorites are Lightning Spray, Haste at level 3 and Mass Healing at level 3.

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divine fire, because of the unique sound/animation and because priests can kick too!

all spells got something to them, however... except slow, i hate that one. dont ask me why.

well of course, shimmering ray and dumbfounding ray are the most annoying, but they are only available to monsters, so.. ah whatever.

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Divine Warrior is so good it's almost no fun. War Blessing makes a great cheap substitute. Beast Ceremony is great for the times you know that the evil, dangerous [insert person/demon/etc.] is just around that corner or behind the door.

Haste 3 and Mass Healing are simply staples of the killing things business.

Light is simply essential.

Out of the damage spells, I get the most mileage out of Divine Fire, Lightning Spray, and Ice Lances.

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My favorite spell is Lightning Spray in A1
and A2. I love that sound effect.

For all of the series, for damage purposes, Fireblast and Divine Fire.

Also, Unlock Doors, in A1, A2, and A3 as a nice
sound effect, not to mention it's usefulness
at level 3.

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Haste level 3, coupled with slow level 3 for tough battles, Beast Ceremony for everything, and Divine Restoration for just about anything that ails me!

Damage dealing spells? Repel Spirit at level 3 kicks proverbial ass against demons, and Fireblast is cool too.

Radiant Shield is probably the best defensive spell.

And the worse - Terror. Why oh why is it in there?

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yeah, forgot about repel spirit and terror. gotta agree on those two.

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my favourite among all spells is definitely Smite, mainly for its small capacity & good effect. Divine Warrior comes a close 2nd. :)

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The Best Spell just has to be Cloud of blades. It does super-damage to any in the way, and it effects the damage area just like in exile. *sigh*

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