Avernum... Mac sadness

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AuthorTopic: Avernum... Mac sadness
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So I downloaded Avernum 3 and it's really cool, but 1 and 2 are for classic only!
any chance these are going to be carbonized?
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Almost certainly not. Jeff is generally more interested in making new games than maintaining old ones.

Besides, I think A1 and A2 run better in Classic than A3 does in OS X. When he made A3 OS X native, it ran at about a third its previous speed on my machine.

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A3 uses a different game engine. It also runs a good deal slower on Windows. :/

A2 runs at a steady pace on my (very ancient) Compaq Presario 1230. A3 takes about ten seconds for the blood-spatter animation to play when you hit someone.
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my win 98 plays a3 pretty well. sometimes my sound gets stuck & then it gets faster than general, & I can play it for longer hours coz its virtually hang free then... :eek: :D

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i agree, a3 definately is slower.
however, if you quit everything else, close all windows and use the suggested monitor settings, it works quite well.

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