Ritual of Sanctification

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AuthorTopic: Ritual of Sanctification
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Where do I learn this in A3?
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Talk to Commander Corie--I think she's in Sharimik. Then go talk to Nydia or whatever her name is (Corie tells you) in Softport. Then go north some more, find the hermit, and get it out of him.
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The hermit is in the northern route to the mountains just north of Softport. Go in and ask him about the ritual and tell him you plan to use it against the Troglodytes and he will teach you the ritual. Go to the Troglo Temple and fight your way to the east wall to the Inner Sanctum. Defeat the enemies stand next to the altar and activate the ritual then defeat the demons that appear. Now return to Commander Corie. :cool:

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the ritual of sanct seeps away half your health, so stay prepared with healing potions & elixirs. That'll save you. :cool:

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