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AuthorTopic: Magey Questions
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What spell(s) is most effective against the following creatures? I am slightly confused.

1. Rakshasa
2. gazer
3. dark wyrm
4. drake lord

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Spells are mostly useless against all of those. If this is A3, then almost every party should have the physical muscle to beat them down (INSANE damage levels, wahey!). In the others...well, buff up your fighters and throw them at the guys. I recommend summoning weak creatures as extra targets, too.
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Ice Lances will do the most damage to a dark wyrm out of all the mage spells in Avernum 3.

For a gazer, I'd try either Fireblast or Arcane Blow. Drake Lords are best handled with Arcane Blow. A Rakshasa is immune to most, if not all, of the damaging mage spells and has to be killed through other means.

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Cloud of Blades is always good if you've got a priest. You don't get experience if the wall kills them, but your enemies are left dead.

Rakshasi are the only ones that are impossible to take down with spells. The others have resistance to everything, and the drakes are immune to fire, but if you keep throwing spells at them they'll keel over eventually.

—Alorael, who finds himself very much missing Wound from the Exiles against resistant foes like these.
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The Rakshasi are impossible to beat down with spells, so use blessed/hasted/beserk fighters.
For the drakes, lighting spray is probably your best bet, or arcane lore.
For the gazer, use either arcane lore, divine fire, or fireblast.
And for the Wyrm, lightning spray/ice lances/arcane lore.
If your fighters are powerful enough though, I'd use them blessed, hasted, beserk, etc. instead of spells.

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spray acid kills Rackshai (and most anything else) pretty well.
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You dont get experiance for killing monsters with spray acid, and it dosnt do much damage at all compared to other spells
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Actually, Timber, you're right and wrong at the same time. (if that makes any sense) Ever think of multiple poisoning a target? Its the same works for exile with the poison spells. Try hitting something with a whole bunch of spray acid spells, then they'll be taking like 50 damage per every other turn. ;)

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Try hitting something with a whole bunch of spray acid spells, then they'll be taking like 50 damage per every other turn.
Yes I have done this, but 50 damage per every other turn is a LOT less then other spells, which could be doing say 100. Its a alright way to soften up Rakshasi, although I perfer to haste my fighters and summon monsters to help (summoning a dark wyrm with your soul cystral=no more pesky Rakshasi, especially if you haste it >:) Summoning a Rakshasi is a great way to block damage if you are having trouble), and let my fighters pk the Rakshasi
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