The Chrystal Souls were are they

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I need help. I can't find were the chrystal souls are. :( :confused: I have looked in walkthorughs and sites but they don't just give the lo-cals in plain english. plz if anyone can rember were plz say so.

plz use the other one just so i get notifided.plzzzzz

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I'm gonna take a guess and say that you're refering to Avernum 2. If that is so than you can find evidence to where two of them are in a Vahnatai Rebel Castle in the chasms and in the fort where Limoncelli is. As for the locations themselves:
1. Pyrog's Cave
2. Akhronath
3. I can't remember the name of the fort, but you will be told where it is if you turn in the evidence you found in the Rebel Castle.
I hope this all helps.

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I am correcting Solberg's mistakes.

2.Angierach-I think I spelled it right, this is the Avernum equivalent to Exile's Akhronath.
3.The Empire Ziggurat-follow Solberg's instructions, those are correct.

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