A1: Killing Sulfras

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AuthorTopic: A1: Killing Sulfras
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Has anyone survived killing Sulfras? It was a bit tough killing him (or her--can never keep dragon gender straight), I couldn't attack his guards--when I went to where they were casting spells at me, insteading of being able to attack, I was just blocked. One of them, though, at some point did become a regular stone statue (was that Erika's spy?), which I could attack.

Are the guards (black shades?) attackable if you do something first? Can they be targeted with spells (since there are no area spells in A1)?
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No, Black Shades cannot be targetted with anything but physical attacks. If they're in impassable terrain, I'm afraid you get to experience the dubious joys of feeling many, many spells with no chance of retaliation.

—Alorael, who never succeeded in killing Sulfras. He never tried very hard to off her, either. Call him crazy, but he doesn't like killing dragons. Too much work for a quick reload.
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You want to KILL Sulfras?! You evil, evil person! Killing dragons is wrong...unless they attack you first.

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That's the great thing about dragons--you can always make them attack you first, damn vanity. Actually, I way too over-identify with my characters and feel guilty about killing innocents and never keep a game where I've killed an innocent. But sometimes, its fun to try.
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Avernum 3 is better for dragon kiling. If the dragons were human characters i think i would feel less remorse in killing them. Strange...

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Originally written by Angry Ogre:

Avernum 3 is better for dragon kiling. If the dragons were human characters i think i would feel less remorse in killing them. Strange...
dragons are superior to humans. Killing them is wrong. More wrong than wiping out an entire city full of friendly demons, just for the heck of it.(which, in my book, is one of the worst things one can do). Let's just leave it at that. @________@

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I don't think dragons are so superior creatures: they are way too proud to be really "divine"...and not so powerfull, in fact: four well-equiped adventurers can kill them!
It's natural selection!Human are perhaps more vicious, but they're also more adapted to survive.

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dragons r damn cool.they do deserve all they get, except being killed off. of course they have every right to be arrogant.its jus how they r. like humans...u would be arrogant if u vere one of the last surviving of ur species...after a LOT of time. an they can an many humans r arrogant as well.eg. hawthorne 2?get the point? so actually it depends on how u look at the fact that they r impressive,powerful,wise and all round net. atleast thts how i see it.

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I would never kill a dragon, if it was possible. I'd probably cast haste and run. It's weird. Here I am feeling no remorse offing Vanarium in Nethergate(they wouldn't give me a mission they give the Romans) and I wouldn't kill a dragon if they attacked me?!!! :confused:

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