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AuthorTopic: need help
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Mabye Im just REALLY bad at this game, but im having alot of problem beeting it(even on easy difficulty ). I have tried playing both a Shaper and an agent. My agents about level 14 and the Shaper was around that level too(got deleted). Im thinking that i might be making a bad mistake.

First I concentrate soully on one or two combatskills. Second is that I also go up in mechanics and leadership, but not too much. Are any of these bad or good ideas, and can you list the best skills for a shaper, agent, and guardian to go up in?
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To state the relatively obvious, a Shaper should focus on shaping skills, while an Agent should concentrate more on magic, and a Guardian should work more on combat skills. I like being a Agent and working on offensive spells, mainly doing Battle Magic at first and training up some Strength, Quick Action, Leadership, and Mechanics as I go, with a bit of some others smattered in. I made it through as a combat-oriented Agent without any creations.

Probably your biggest mistake is going too deep too soon. Go slowly, clear out each section, retreat often, and regenerate whenever you can. Train by fighting as much as possible before you move on.

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If you're a shaper, stock up on fire magic spells at the beggining and work on intellegence and create a couple of fyoras and thalds to guard you. Get wands for your character to fight. Batons work in a pinch, but crystals work even better.

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Sell anything thats worth money and you don't need it. :) Then, buy a whole bunch of spells and creation shaping levels.

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I have cleared every single place that I can manage, every thing I haven't cleared is either too hard or I haven't gotten to yet. Also when it comes to selling things, I have sold everything of value, and have almost 2k spare gold, but as I haven't been able to get to the training place "two days march north of Medab", I have no more spells or anything to train in. Prehaps there is more than just the two trainers that I have used(the one in Dry Peak Warrens, and the one in Medab). If there are more trainers, can you please tell me.
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Do you mean just in the demo? Well, there is Brodus Blade but he just increases combat skills. If your looking for spells, the only demo trainers are Carnelian and Tyella. You may want to keep in mind that the prices of the trainers is reduced if you join their sects, as well they will teach you more things(Tyella teaches you create Battle Alpha if you are a loyalist)

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