What are the best paths for each character?

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AuthorTopic: What are the best paths for each character?
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I was trying to figure out, what are the best paths for each character? Like if you are a Guardian concentrating on physical attributes, which path will give you the best bonuses inasmuch as what is useful to you are?
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I'm pretty sure that for power you should go either to the Barzites or the Takers. If you are flush with $$$ as a shaper, I would become a Barzite due to the two levels of gazer/rotgroth/drakon that are buyable in Radiant College. The availability of powerful canisters seems to be higher there as well, so I would probably choose Barzites for guardian as well. For Agents though I would go with the awakened first and then desert to the Takers. Opinions probably very widely on this though as level 3 skills in everything are available on almost any modified( as opposed to no-canister)games
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But really, GF2 is pretty easy to complete. You should just go with the faction you agree with.
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You are very astute
But if for some reason you happen to be a power hungry freak that wants to become extremely powerful( not that this ever happens) assessing power differences in the game can be entertaining :D
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Well, it's also roleplaying the different personalities with each type of character... to do the sorts of things each sort of character (someone who shapes a lot vs someone who doesnt much at all and such) might do... so thats why I asked...

...What is the most likely path or most beneficial path for an Agent?

...What is the most likely or most beneficial path for a Guardian?

...What is the most likely or most beneficial path for a Shaper?
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Well, it all depends on your skills. I once played the unregistered original GF as a Shaper, and me and my bronze long sword took down watch hill and many a dungeon, with only the slight help from unmodified fyoras. This also applies to my guardian. I took down stuff with my blade, but in a pinch i could shape up a storm's worth of fyoras!

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I agree. All the creations in the world can't compare with taking down a dangerous enemy with only your trusty sword. Good ol' one on one combat! :D

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more like good ol 1 on 7 combat

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Well the "Best path" depends on your point of view the game is actually a test of your personality mixed with the thrill of 9-1. But I think that the rising and takers are wrong(this is what this a bout is it not? opinions) and the shapers seem like control freaks a bit.

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If are a shaper, join the barzites for type 4 crations. Agents should join any Loyalists for cheap spells and abandon them to join someone else. Not so sure about guardians. Maybe join Loyalists for their shaped shield (how many other shields have so much defence?) and abandon them for say the Takers. If you want to be rich, be sure to join the awakened cause they have so much gold.

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shaper is too weak and relies on his creations. agent is pretty neat also. satisfying in melee and good in magic. guardian is the best (my opinion). just get a good sword and get chopping...

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