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AuthorTopic: best way to kill
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Share your opinions with us on best ways to kill.
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That poll was rather.....morbid. I mean,killing isn't everything! It's just an easy alternative.

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Killing is easy, once you get the hang of it(don't do it to ME if I revive a topic or likewise). Killing at first takes lot of practice, untill you are skilled in it, I recommend training your muscles with 2 kilo (don't know how many pounds)halters. Or did you mean IN the game, and, if yes, with what character? (Shaper/Guardian/Agent)?

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This topic is 3 weeks old, you gormless oaf.

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And useless to post in, to boot.

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as "hilarious" as the post was.... Still in the nicest way possible to another n00b, do be foolish and revive totally dead topics with pointless posts.
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