BoA Graphics Comp Winners - Original Terrain

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AuthorTopic: BoA Graphics Comp Winners - Original Terrain
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In a very strong category by comparison, Original Terrain brought in a slew of graphics whose scores were above 7.0- quite a feat.

The winner was Luz Piazuelo with her Wall of Water, narrowly edging out over her nearest competitor who (to much surprise) was not herself. Big Blue's Yellow Brick Road took second (and rightfully so!), and earned its Top 10% finish. Third and the extra +5 points also went to Luz for her (apparently) lesser Wall of Fire.

Also worthy of mention is Zeeqon's Paintings, which while not placing were only .1 away from +5 to their author's total. Every other graphic in the category scored +2 for competency except for Zeeqon's Spear Trap and TGM's Blue Wall, both of whom earned points with other entries. Congrats to all!

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Wow, a 1st rank for me!
Congrats Bigblue, for the 2nd.
And good work everyone of us, this was closer :) Aleksi, Jeremy, ADoS, shall we see in the next cathegories?

PD for TM: seems you forgot the address... :rolleyes:
Original Terrain Graphics
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Never got that scanner, so my entries to the Splash Screen-category are quite lame, just edited photos. So nope, Luz. ^^

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Congrats to Luz!
And thx to all who like my YBR.

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