Orb of Thralni

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AuthorTopic: Orb of Thralni
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Hey all, does anyone know if I can find a Thralni orb in any fo the 4 scenarios?
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Nope, but it's easy enough to make one.

Edit: In case I didn't make it clear, it isn't in any of the scenarios, and it isn't on any item list for them.

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If anyone makes one "Thralni orb" I would appreciate if I could get it and add it to my game as I am programmer chalenged!!! Also, if it has a name someone has to of already thought of it and created it.


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It would have to be some weird custom script, because after my search through the list of item abilities and spells, I found no flight.
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I think there was one in the beta, but for some reason it was taken out. Anyway I made my own, just give it ability 213 and that should work.
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YTou can make it an item which "casts" flight on you. It's one of the abilities somewhere in the manual/appendixes.

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The Orb?
You mean that one that lets your party fly?
I love that thing. However That was in Avernum 3
Do you know what number it is?

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Originally written by Wade:

The Orb?
You mean that one that lets your party fly?
I love that thing. However That was in Avernum 3
Do you know what number it is?

does anyone know? I was wondering about the same thing

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The Orb doesn't have a number in BoA, as far a I know. In A3 however the number is 378. And this was a very dead topic......
Does everyone go through all the old topics just doing their best to find something that they might be able comment on?

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