Basalt Walls

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I tried to make them as close as possible to the ones from Exile, let me know how I did. (There are two versions since while I prefer the darker walls, the ligher ones actually are closer to the original.)



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The only problem I've ever had with basalt walls is that it is often difficult to see the cracks in some of the walls unless you look very closely. The bottom row of walls are cracked walls. You might want to do a few more cracked walls with a contrasting color for the cracks other than black-- possibly grey or blue.

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The ones in Exile have a darker red and the black spots seem wrong somehow. Other than that, good.
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They look great, but I think the ones in Exile has got a slightly more shiny look to them. (I'm talking about Blades of Exile, the ones in Exile 3 are darkers like these ones.)

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They seem too crude to me. Making them look better might be difficult, but I think that a town with those walls would hurt my eyes.

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